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I really like her.

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Swords And Pens // The Story So Far

It shakes every fucking bone, trying to do the right thing on my own so I let the ink tell you how I come to grips with all of this. 

This reblog is 100% for Sam Pura! Ill listen to this song now though!

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This is my most favorite thing that exists on the internet today!

This fantastic MINT duo.

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Yes! #ghostbusters #30thanniversary #krispykreme #doughnuts

I guess there is always next year. But for the next day I am going to scour the internet and find contests to win tickets. If they even exist.

Man, sometimes life really smacks you straight in your fucking egg head with a curve ball. The worst part, maybe you didn’t even realize that something happened when it did, maybe you didn’t even see it coming, maybe you’re still so fucking dizzy you can’t even get up. What do you do then?

I have a friend. I apologized for being weird after a weird night and that friend said this:

"Don’t be sorry. I care about you Cortney, but you are a grown ass woman. I’ve shared enough cool stories for you to know that I know life is shit. But sometimes it’s not worth being shitty and mopey about things that are entirely changeable. Don’t sell yourself short. Nobody, not even me, can tell you how amazing you are. But the longer you limit yourself, the longer you’ll feel unfulfilled."

I gotta figure out what I want to do and I need to go fucking do it and stop making excuses. I need to stop putting other peoples happiness before my own. I need to be selfish and get what I want and stop waiting for other people who say they are going to do it for me. I need to do it myself and find myself and be my own self!

I cannot stop listening to this. 


So many babes.